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Recycling, It Can be Pretty!

Monday, while vowing to follow through with twenty-tens resolutions, I also promised some ideas for on recycle centers for the home! Today, after recovering from some technical difficulties regarding my server, I come to you late in the day with a post fulfilling my promise!  So you can either read through over a glass of wine or your morning coffee.  Either way I hope you are inspired!

Here are a few facts before we get started with the fun design ideas:
1.Each person creates 4.7 pounds of waste everyday.
2. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours — or the equivalent of a half a gallon of gasoline.
3. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S.
4. Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour! Most of them are thrown away!
5. A modern glass bottle would take 4000 years or more to decompose — and even longer if it’s in the landfill.
For more information, please visit Recycling Revolution,, and Recycling Facts

Now, Some Solutions!

I love these old produce crates converted into recycling bins.  The chalkboards add a fun element and the addition of the wheels make these bins totally functional!

(Charleston Home Mag)

If you don’t have access to old produce crates, you can purchase some Wooden wastebaskets, like the one seen here from trashcans unlimited.  I love the idea of painting them to coordinate with whatever room your recylcling station ends up!

If you are not to keen on the idea of displaying your recycle station out in public, or are just short on space, There are options like this is a rotary recycling center from or pull-out bins from Simple Human that can easily be added to your existing cabinetry.

If you are looking for a basic, stainless floor model, here are two good options.  The first is from Simple Human, which gives you two interior bins in one and organizeit offers a three compartment bin that is a little more cost effective.

Here are some additional images as well!

(Apartment Therapy)

(Better Homes and Gardens)

Let me know your thoughts~ I would love to hear!
Do you have any other great recycling ideas not listed? What do you currently have for a system in place in your home?

New Year, New Home Resolutions…

So we are a whopping 11 days into twenty-ten and everyone is slowly settling back into the daily grind. Many of us were fortunate to have some time off to relax and ponder what 2010 has in store for us.   I don’t think there is a written law that you must cast your resolution by the first for the spell to work, so I am opting that for those of us who are still trying to decide exactly what we would like to update about ourselves and our homes this year, to really think about what we want, and stick with it!

What are your Home Resolutions this year? I would love to hear your ideas! If you are having trouble, here are a few ideas to get you inspired!

  1. Green is In:  Make 2010 your year to help the environment by using greener products.  There are so many options for eco friendly home products now the choices are endless! I love Mrs.Meyers new Basil scent.  Also, stay tuned this week for some great links on products!
  2. Declutter!: Look around, I bet you have piles all over! Piles of magazines, newspapers, bills to be paid. Kids toys, dog toys.  Piles of clean clothes, and clothes that need to be folded.  By organizing one small area in your home, you will automatically lift some stress away and feel better instantly.
  3. Use your good dishes, burn the candle you have been saving, unwrap that soap: What are you waiting for?  Don’t just wait for a special occasion to use your “good” stuff! Today is Monday, you should be able to enjoy it! Soy candles are a great option because the burn longer.  One of my favorites is Pink Grapefruit signature soy candle from Archipelago Botanicals.
  4. Cook at Home: Whether once a week or once a month, instead of going out to eat, pick a new recipe for something that you have always wanted to try and make it.  Another idea is to pick up something from your local farmers market that you have never tasted and give it a try.   I chose Brussels Sprouts the other day, which I really didn’t think I would enjoy! I roasted them with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Balsamic Vinegar ~ So Tasty! I will definitely be making them again.

  5. Out with the Old: Time to dust off all the picture frames that have had the same pictures in there for decades, and refill them with new photos.  You will have updated the rooms look, and added some fresh faces! If you need new frames, I think the cleaner the better so your image stands out.  I love these white on white gallery frames from Room and Board.
  6. Flower Power: Allow yourself a special bouquet once a month.  Find flowers that are cost effective and tend to last a little longer (Spider Mums or Lilies for example) so you can enjoy the benefits as long as possible! Here is an arrangement that I did with Flowering Chives, Spider Mums, and Freesia in a Mason Jar.
  7. Just Do It: Everyone has a project in there home that is 3/4 of the way complete.  Well, its time to be accountable and just finish the project! Mark your calendar and give yourself a deadline!
  8. Recycle: Set up a recycling station in your home and your impact can be enormous! This is also a great way to get your kids involved.  Stay tuned for some ideas on creative recycling centers!
  9. Get with the Program: By Installing a programmable thermostat the average consumer can save about $180 on energy costs. Read more about it here.  Make sure you purchase one that is Energy Star approved like this one from Lux.
  10. Start Small: Pick one space in your home that you would like to revamp, and start there.  Make sure you completely finish it before moving onto the next project.  You may just get so inspired that your whole house could be complete by 2011!