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Flower Power

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! The first day of Spring truly felt like it – The Sun was shining, flip flops and tanks came out, absolutely a perfect day.  Today I woke up to Snow Flurries and I am not kidding!! Not quite sure what is going on with the weather!

I am excited for the future flowers and warmth that is about to be in our future, so I was inspired to find some interior images where I think the flowers steal the show!  There is just something refreshing about a beautiful flower arrangement, and my favorites are ones that just look like they came from the garden.  Not perfectly placed.  A huge bunch.  Maybe displayed in an old jar.   However they are arranged, I am ready for Spring to produce some beautiful flowers.  Bring on the sun!!

(pale and interesting)
(brian park photography)

(grant gibson)

(amy neunsinger)

(brad ford id)
(House Beautiful)

(Sorry, one from my style files.. Not sure where it came from)

(House Beautiful, Feb 2010)

(brad ford id)

(Sorry, one from my style files.. Not sure where it came from)

So are you ready for Spring? What is the first type of flower you are going to buy or cut from your backyard??

Enjoy your day!

Friday Fave: The Invisible Lightswitch

Hello All! It’s been quite a long week! I was under the weather with a fever and haven’t felt the best (I know I am not feeling well when I haven’t had nor wanted a cup of coffee since Monday!), but I think I am slowly coming back to! So here we are, Friday already, time for another Fave!

This weeks feature: The Invisible Lightswitch from the British Firm Forbes & Lomax.

I think that these transparent acrylic switchplates are genius!! There have been many times where I installed some incredible wallpaper and you (or of course I) become visually distracted by the ugly lightswitch cover… If only I had found these earlier!

“These switches and dimmers have 3mm transparent beveled acrylic plates which are secured without the use of fixing screws.
They are flush to the wall and are supplied with brass, nickel silver, stainless steel, or antique bronze toggle switches or dimmer knobs or buttons.”

“1mm thick inner plates of primed aluminum sit behind the invisible plates which can be decorated in the same way as the walls, giving the illusion that the wallpaper or paint finish runs seamlessly behind the switchplate.”

The cost is approximately $61, but I think well worth it when used in the right spot!

I hope you all had a great week! Remember, I love to hear from you!
Enjoy your day!