Wood Floors in Bathrooms…

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I can’t believe that it has been a month since I was here last… I feel like I blinked and January was gone.  Well, I am back and Happy Valentines day to you all!!

Valentines Day is all about Love, celebrating the people and things in our lives that exude happiness! We could paint the walls Red, Throw in some Pink, or even liven it up with some HoneySuckle in order to celebrate today.  However, a design element that I truly heart is Hardwood Floors in Bathrooms! It adds so much warmth in a space, and if done right, can be magnificent!

Just the thought, makes some people question the practicality of wood in a space with water, but with a few extra precautions, wood floors can perform as well in bathrooms as they do everywhere else!  And unlike most other bathroom flooring choices, wood floors can be periodically refinished and resealed, increasing their practicality.

A few recommendations:
1. Make sure that you run your bath vent fan in order to keep humidity at a minimum.
2.  You will need to dry off the wood rather than letting water sit on the floor, but I would assume most people do that anyways, regardless of the material.
3. When selecting the material, try to opt a very durable and resilient wood, such as oak (vs using a softer material such as pine which tends to absorb ambient moisture more, making it more vulnerable to damage).
4. Top the floor with a minimum of 2-3 coats of Polyurethane finish which make the floors resistant to most average bathroom conditions.

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Do you LOVE these spaces as much as I do?? Hope you all have a Lovely Valentines Day!

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