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Fun Finds

Happy Monday! Time to start all over again, but the coffee is flowing and I am ready for a productive week.

We are fortunate here in Atlanta, the second weekend of every month, Scott’s Antique Market rolls into town.  It is a great place to search for that “perfect piece” or just to peruse the halls for inspiration! I went on Saturday and spent 5 and 1/2 hours soaking in all the goodies! Here are some fun finds I thought I would share….

Love, Love, Love this! These are two separate cabinets from a 1960’s pharmacy.  It is an enameled white metal with the original letter inserts.  You could put this piece is SO many places: a foyer, a mudroom, or even a TV console.

It is hard to tell how amazing this was and the scale of it from the image, but I promise, it was spectacular! This is an old clock front from New Bedford, MA that is just about 7 feet tall.  If you had the right  spot for this, it would be an awesome focal point.

French Cooking tins, who would have thought! They would make a great wall hanging accent in a set.  You could also hang them as chalkboards, how great in a kitchen!

These are some great industrial lights, that had a wonderful scale (they were probably about 18″ Diameter).  If you are looking for some unique pendants over an island, these would be beautiful!

Love these French antique bottles (I believe they are Cider jars, but I am not positive).  Great accessories alone or in the crate.  They also make great lamps like I used below.

(Photography by Chris Little)

I think Cabinet Hardware is sometimes just as important as the cabinet design itself, I consider it the jewelry that can finalize an outfit.. it will make or break it! These square drop pulls, I was told were early 19th century. LOVE!

Here are a couple modern versions:
Old World Drop pull, Shown in Oil Rubbed Bronze, $12.99

Century Hardware Medieval Bail Pull, Shown in Polished Chrome (available in several finishes), $15.70

I hope you enjoyed some of my fun finds!! What unique pieces have you come across that inspired you or you just couldn’t live without? I would love to hear!
Have a great day!