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Island or Dining Table??

Hello Long Lost Friends!!

As many of you may think, I did not pack up and move away to Greece (although that wouldn’t be a bad out!)…  Things have just been uber busy outside of my blog world! Things have surely picked up which is fantastic!! We have lots of projects in the works: Some small, some not so small, some remodels AND some new construction!! I Love it 🙂

In the interim, my  trusty blog was put on the back burner, but not forgotten! I promise to be checking in MUCH more often with inspirations and much more of what we are doing in real life!! In fact, I just uploaded 1600 pictures off my Iphone of projects, things I see, products, etc…. Oh do I have things to share!

So now, off to some Inspiration!!
As we all know, the main congregation spot in a house tends to be the kitchen, whether it is to accommodate the day to day bustle of life or on the flip there is a party happening! If space allows, generally an Island is plunked in the middle.  It may be practical to house items such as a sink and dishwasher.  Although, sometimes it just gets thrown into the design because that is what is expected.  In comes the dining table…. I think it is a cozy and functional alternative!


(Country Living?? Old tear out from my style files.)


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See you all soon! Enjoy your day!

Tablescape Love….

Hey Friends! Hope you’re week has been fabulous thus far!

It’s been another busy week over here.  We finalized to start a new project that I am SO excited about! It will be a new construction project and the initial renderings lead me to believe it is going to be a stunning home.  I’ll keep you posted  🙂  Tomorrow morning I am off to Scott’s market which always leads to some fun finds, which of course I will share!

….And today is my birthday! I am one of those people that adores this day! Birthdays are by far my favorite “holiday!”  I have several friends coming over this weekend to celebrate, and although I don’t plan on a lavish table scape to accompany our evening (there will be flowers!) I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites a I have saved…

(House Beautiful, April 2010, Donna Karen)

(100 layer cake)

(Coastal Living)


(The Style Files)

(Martha Stewart)

(Style me pretty)

(mary ruffle)

(maddie thomas)

(la belle vie)

(home sweet home)

(french larkspur)

(wedding girl)

Enjoy your day!!