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Covered Up!

hello All!!

Well I am busy busy busy…. and loving it! I started feeling a bit Covered Up and started envisioning Table Cloths… I know, maybe I need a vacation??!!  Or maybe just some inspiration…so here we go!!

(1st Option)

(house to home)
(house to home)
(house to home)
(a beach cottage)
(House Beautiful)
(house to home)
(Veranda, Jan/Feb 2010)
(Rooms to Inspire in the Country)
(Veranda, Oct 2009)
(domino mag…. miss you!)
(Rooms to Inspire in the Country)

All of these images seem to have a simple charm which I adore!  I think the Table Cloths make all of these settings feel comfortable and inviting.  What do you think?

Hope you Enjoyed your Day!

Hope you enjoyed your day!!

Mismatched Love

I tend to be a very symmetrical person.   I generally like things to match.  Yet there is something that draws me in when I see a dining table with a mismatched collection of chairs.  It is almost comforting.  I automatically start creating a story in my head of how the owner acquired such a collection.  The sweet dreams of all the flea markets, yards sales, hand-me-downs, just make me giddy!

Generally I can pick out a favorite aspect of a room, but here in this Parisian loft, I think I adore everything!! The table, pendant, tone on tone palette, mirror, the peonies, and of course the chairs! I hope they invite me over for diner!! Cette place est-elle réservée?

(style files)

Love Love Love… I could sit out here for hours.

(Domino Mag…miss you)

I love how the collected wood chairs become a focal point in this clean white palette.  They really add a warmth to the space.

(ivy_style via flickr)

Well this manages to cooperate with my urge to match, but gives the whimsy of the mismatched look.

(Anne Linder via flickr)

This simple setting has a great lived in feel.

(apartment therapy)

This is from Sara Jessica Parker’s home in the Hamptons.  (Love her, love the house!) The mixed and matched chairs painted in a unified matte black is so chic.

(decorology via flickr)

Again, mismatched chairs, but all painted in a clean white, really compliments any beach setting.

(coastal living)

I think the variety of chairs is great here, and OH that light!!

(absolutely not martha)

Now, Can’t you just imagine this table on Nantucket with all mismatched chairs! They would never get me to leave!

(coastal living Sep 2008)

Are you feelin the mismatch?? Which room is your favorite?
I love to hear from you!
Enjoy your day!!