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Fleet Feet Complete!

Happy Thursday! It officially feels like winter tonight in Atlanta – boy is it chilly outside (and I must add that I am not thrilled that it is so dark outside at 6:00 either -Disliking the whole time change very much)!  On a positive note, I just got some pictures back of a commercial space I finished up and I’m super excited to share!  This was such a fun project to work on because it was a bit different from what I normally do on a day to day basis.  At this Fleet Feet Sports we were really able to give the store a unique feel using old barn wood, pipes and re-purposing several found objects.  I think the result turned out great!

Loving the signage I found – They are actually letters wrapped in old ceiling tins.  The shoes are displayed on tables and recycled wooden soda trays rather than wall racks and the “partitions” holding the socks are vintage doors.   We also made the light out of an old basket and attached some running numbers from local races.

All of the wall display racks were distressed and wrapped in chunky barn wood.

This was one of my favorite finds -It is an old display from a hardware store! The lights above the cash wrap were baskets that used to hold golf balls at a driving range – Repurposing is so much fun (and I have an amazing electrician 🙂!

We used chicken wire inserts on these cabinet doors.  On display are T-Shirts from the Peachtree Road Race framed in Barnwood Frames.

The display racks were made out of pipes, old pine, and casters.  I think they turned out fantastic!

A HUGE Thank you to Raftermen Photography for the amazing pictures!

Hope you all enjoy!


Book Collection Storage…

Hello Friends!!
Hope your weekend was splendid!! This was the first weekend, in a LONG time that I was actually home!! It felt amazing to be able to have no plans and just relax.  I cleaned up and did LOTS of organizing… I actually feel slightly refreshed! Believe it or not I have a pretty good looking desk under all the piles 😉

I actually was able to sit on the sofa, sort through the stacks on neglected magazines that have accumulated over the last few month while I have been traveling as well as some of my favorite design books.  I keep most of my design books on an old cart in my living room for easy access.  They are in piles, sorted, but not super neat.  These kinds of books I love to have out and the more their are, the better I like it!

I don’t generally like the word Library, because it feels slightly stuffy.  If I am going to enjoy a good read or a great inspiration book, I want it to be cozy.  Somewhere that has some character.  A place I can sit with my coffee and just relax.

Here’s are some great inspirations of how others keep there books displayed…

(pink wallpaper)

(living etc)

(domino – flickr)

(brabourne farm)

(the city sage)
(the city sage)

(ideal home magazine)

(tiny white daisies)

(ideal home magazine)

(the city sage)

(ideal home magazine)

(House Beautiful December 2009)
(my ideal home)
(elle decor)

(wary meyers)

(my ideal home)

(my ideal home)

How do you store your collection of books??

Enjoy your day!!

Stayed tuned this week for a follow up post where I’ll share an image of how my design books are displayed as well as a list of some of my fav books!