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Don’t be afraid of the dark!

Well Good Afternoon to you!
It was a beautiful day in Atlanta today.  We had a bit of rain yesterday to wash away some of the thick layer of pollen that has been residing about, so today the air just felt fresher!

One of my favorite items to select on a home is the exterior colors.  It is the biggest statement about what the feel will be on the interior and of course it is the first impression that is quite easy to make or break! As with design, there are no rules, so you can pick what you feel the house truly needs.  It is so important to really analyze the entire street scape when picking colors – you want your house to blend and stand out all at the same time… Tricky but definitely achievable!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE white… but one of the most striking exteriors to me is BLACK.  It is Bold.  Sophisticated.  Chic.  and somewhat Glamorous.  I love that it can work on anything from farmhouse to modern and have the same striking affect.

(luminous landscape)
(elle decor)
(windows of the past)
(apartment therapy)
(door sixteen)
(apartment therapy)
(ny times)
(my favorite and my best)
(arch daily)

Would you be so daring as to paint your house black? What would the neighbors think – I think they would be jealous! I know I’m not afraid of the dark!

Enjoy your day… well, evening at this point!