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‘Tis the season…

…For Burlap bows, rusted bells, berries, and pine cones!

I love the idea of creating a more organic look to spread some holiday cheer! These are some images of some holiday decorations I just completed for a client.  With Christmas right around the corner, we are generally immersed in bright lights, vibrant red bows, and unfortunately blow up snow man adorning neighbor’s front laws! This look however is very simple and uses natural elements while still creating a festive look.

frontdoor copy

The burlap bows, white lights, and cypress garland works beautifully on this stacked stone home.  You get a sense of holiday walking past the rosemary bushes that evokes coziness.


By simply hot gluing dried berries, pine cones, and other decorative elements to this artificial wreath, it is easy to create a timeless look with an elegant organic quality.


Here are some custom interior ornaments that continue with the decorative palette outside.  By using similar design elements, a cohesive feel is created evoking a comfortable and merry decorated interior.