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Bunked UP

Good Afternoon! Did you enjoy your weekend?

Over the weekend I had someone shoot me a message on my facebook page to see if I had any ideas for kids rooms with bunk beds.  I happened to find a good amount of ideas so here we go!

These first two may be a little more sophisticated, but I love the clean white palettes.  To me that is Cozy.

(flickr find)
(house beautiful)

Adding Sconces is a great way to add functional light to each individual bunk, especially when the use of night stands is out of the question.

(Coastal Living)
(Coastal Living)

I think that this is a great built-in look for a small space.  Having the small desk area and bookcase on each side is a really good use of space.

(white gables pavilions)

There are so many companies that offer wall decals now, you can really get creative! Most are pretty inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and are not permanent!

If you have the space, rotating the bottom bed out really adds a little more interest to the space.  It is not as expected when you talk about bunk beds and I think it really adds a lot of character.


I was drawn to the lime green in both of these images. Both have very different overall color palettes, but still have a sense of whimsy.
(Country Living)

I think this is a great example of what to do when you have the need for more than just two beds! The color scheme is fun and beautiful.


This is an example of a really beautiful neutral palette where you could add any bright accent color and completely change the look.

(Coastal Living)

The addition of curtains and reading sconces make this set of bunks both practical and pretty!

(Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

So which is your favorite? Does this make you want to bunk up any time soon?
Hope you Enjoy your Day!