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Sunrooms… Bring on the light!

Hello Friends! Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring! It has been absolutely beautiful and warm here in Atlanta – not sure if it is going to stay this way, but I am hoping so! I can’t wait to refresh all my pots and clean up my patio… I am ready to be outside.  In honor of spring I pulled together some fantastic spaces that well definitely let the light in! But first, lets clarify what these spaces are actually called.

We can call these rooms by several names:
Sun room, Sun Porch, Solarium, Conservatory…. but technically, what is the difference?

Technically speaking, a sun room and sun porch are really a solarium which by definition is a Sunny Room with more glass than usually.   A conservatory is closer to a green house, where the initial purpose of the structure would be to grow plants indoors under protected conditions.  Generally a green house is a separate building (usually in a garden or a field), where a conservatory is attached to the main dwelling.   I tend to think of a conservatory to have a glass ceiling and a solarium with just a lot of glass on the walls.  Although the initial concept of these spaces were for plants, as we can see from the inspirations below, over time we have decided to move our living spaces into these fantastic spaces!

(sweet space)

(tiny white daisies)

(tiny white daisies)

(beach studios)

(my ideal home)

(la belle vie)

(my ideal home)

(1st Option)

(my ideal home)

(home sweet home)

(desire to inspire)

(cottage in the woods)


(my ideal home)

(light locations)

(my ideal home)


(my ideal home)

(tiny white daisies)

(Architectural Remnants)

I crave light, and any of of these spaces would satisfy that need! Do you have a favorite?

Enjoy your week!

Bedroom Sconces….

….And just like that, it’s September! Can you believe it? This Labor Day weekend I have been lucky enough to have a very relaxing weekend at home.  To be quite honest, it was exactly the weekend I needed.  Now I am all refreshed, organized and ready to tackle another week of great projects (and I get to finish up the week in Charleston… happy happy girl!)!!

One lighting design element that I love to use is Sconces located next to a bed rather than using table lamps.  No matter what the style, there is something charming, sophisticated, yet slightly casual about the concept.  I think it is a great way to really give a bedroom personality and an overall inviting feel.

Adding hardwired sconces is something that you need to plan for in order to have the electrical in the correct location.  In some instances, an electrician can pull wires from an existing source, if you are adding them to a finished space, but its  best to verify with an electrician prior to buying your fixtures.  There are also several plug-in styles available now as well, so if you can’t hard wire then you are not totally out of luck!




(source unknown..apologies)
(attic mag)

(Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

(Coastal Living)

(domino mag…miss you!)

(Inspiring Interiors)

(my ideal home)

(Julian Wass)


(Coastal Living)

(blue print bliss)

So, what do you think? Are you Sconce happy like me?

Happy Labor Day!