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Friday Fave: MGandBW Custom K9 Bed

Good Morning and Happy Friday! Gloomy weather and all this week has seemed to fly by, but here we are Friday again, and that means it’s time for another favorite find!

For those that know me, I love my child, Abbi.  I think Pets add so much life to a home, but sometimes when you are trying to create a completely designed space, it hard to find an attractive bed for pets.   Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams have introduced a K9 Bed into their new collection that you can have customized in any of the fabric choices they offer (which is a HUGE collection!).  It is not shown on their website yet, but it is available in stores or you can contact me for info.  I love this because with the variety of fabrics (solids and prints) you can incorporate a beautiful dog bed into any design!

The bed is available in three sizes Medium 24x36x6, Large 30x42x6,  Xlarge 35x50x6.  Retail starts at $197 for the Medium size depending on the fabric grade you select.

As you can see, Abbi generally resides on my bed, however, I know she would love to have a custom bed may be in her future!

So what do you think?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Enjoy your Day!