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Friday Fave: The Way We Live

Happy Friday! I am actually in Florida for a College friends wedding, but I didn’t want to miss sharing one of my favorites!

I am a design book junkie… Love to flip through gorgeous images and get totally inspired. I love seeing images from around the globe – Great design makes me want to travel!! I have tons of books and am always on the hunt for new ones to add to my collection. There are a few I look at only once in awhile, when I am looking for something specific. Then there are others that are true staples. For me, one of my favorite go to books has to be The Way We Live: An Ultimate Treasury for Global Design Inspiration by Stafford Cliff and Photography by Gilles De Chabaneix (how I would have loved to be stowed away in his backpack while traveling to get all these amazing images!!). If I could only own one design book (please pray that never happens…) I would pick this one!

If you don’t already own it, head out to your local book store, pick up a coffee, find a comfy chair and be inspired! You will have just completed a global trip around the world, saw some amazing places, and not just of wonderful spaces, but beautiful people and how they live.

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend! And of course, Enjoy your day!!