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Sail Away

Good Morning!! Can you believe it is already Monday again?? My mom has been visiting all weekend and we have enjoyed some much needed relaxation, which is wonderful because I have quite a crazy week ahead!

I was flipping through my style files to try and decide what would inspire this morning’s post and came across an image of a headboard that used recycled sail cloth.  I have also been working with a client and we discussed the possibility of doing a shower curtain and drapes in one of their baths.  So I was off to see what I could find, and I was amazed at how many beautiful products I found!

Using Sail Cloth in your home is not only beautiful, it is a great way to recycle and reuse.  The material is tough and sturdy.  Most current sails are made with synthetic fibers such as nylon, but previously were made from flax, hemp, or cotton.

1. Shower Curtains….
I adore these and think the peep hole additions are great! These are the perfect addition to any bathroom, at the beach or not!

(Top two: Second Wind Sails)

(Ella Vickers)

2. Head Boards…

Both of these are custom constructed headboards (I also love in the first image the addition of the lamp shade, great touch!)

(Coastal Living)

(Modern Destiny)

3. Chairs (for the beach, porch, or anywhere inside)…

(Cape Code Beach Chair)


4. Pillows….
As long as the insert allows, these pillows would be spectacular either inside or out!

(Etsy: reiter8)

(Second Wind Sails)

5. Dog Bed Cover…
With Sail cloth being so durable, I think using Sail Cloth to cover a dog bed is genius! It is a great look and it’s practical.


6. Door Stop…
This doorstop is manufactured in Great Britain and weighs a generous 2.5 kg.  It is a unique attractive cube shape with convenient lifting handle, perfect for stopping the door from slamming when that ocean breeze is a bit strong!

(reefer sails)

7. Room Divider Inspiration…
I love this idea! The image shown uses a clean white sail for a more modern look, you could add the nautical touch if you used sections with numbers or markings.

(apartment therapy)

8. Bags…
Talk about a Chic beach bag! I think the rope handle is beautiful on this bag.  If it’s not your taste there is a wide variety of handles, shapes, sizes, and colors.

(Sea Bags)

9. Holiday Decorations…
What a perfect way addition for a nautical holiday! This year Santa is arriving by boat instead of his sleigh!


So which is your favorite way to reuse the sail cloth?

I know I am ready to Sail Away! I have to go to Tampa this weekend for a wedding and I really wish I had that beautiful bag to take to the beach with me!
Enjoy your day!

Ladder Lovin…

Good Day to you! Sorry for the absence yesterday, but I decided to take the day off for my birthday ~ thought I deserved it.  It’s another gloomy day here in Atlanta, but I’m back!  Despite the gray clouds, I have some tasty coffee in hand and have been sifting through some fabulous images that are thoroughly cheering me up! Nothing like good inspiration on a cloudy day!
It is a fact that I have always loved ladders as home accessories.  Of course my initial love started in the bathroom; towels draped, stacked, displayed.  Now my admiration has expanded and believe there is no need to limit the love to just the bathroom!  In my opinion they generally steal the show, no matter what the space, my eye always seems to go straight to the ladder.  Here are some of my favorite images and ideas to add some Ladder Love to your home!

KITCHEN: Not only a fun decorative element, but truly functional! I love when cabinets and shelves are stacked all the way to the ceiling, so the addition of a ladder is perfect!


(willow decor)

LIVING SPACE: A great way to display books, decorative items, or I think you can just lean a simple ladder in the corner and it will still work perfectly in the space.

(a beach cottage)

(desire to inspire)
(splendid willow)
(poetic home)

BATHROOM: Of course, the go to option for any ladder!

(a beach cottage)
(L Kae Interiors, Inc)

BEDROOM: A great opportunity to hang quilts, use as a bookshelf, or again just as a decorative focal point.

(Old & New)

OUTDOORS: This may be my new favorite spot! What a great way to stack pots, or as shown below, a wonderful way to create an architectural element.

(home and garden webshots)

(Country Living)

Hope you were inspired! Are you going to go hunt for an old ladder?
Enjoy your day!