Yellow Fever….

Ahh.. Monday! It’s time to start all over again! Did you enjoy your weekend?
I got a good amount of work done, NOT enough cleaning done (I somehow always find other things to do..) but I finally put my suitcase away (insert major sigh of relief), went to a David Gray concert, and helped a friend decorate her nursery… All in all I would consider it a productive weekend!

We are in full force with Pollen season in Atlanta.. everything has a THICK layer of bright yellow pollen.   Although I hate it, I am excited about what it will bring!  It also inspired me to find some beautiful images featuring a more positive yellow experience!  I think Yellow has a refreshing quality to it… It can be energizing and calming all at the same time.  For some reason I don’t seem to use yellow that often, whether its a main wall color, and accent, or even in clothing… but I think I might need to start! I have used it on front doors and adore that.. I think it’s the new “red”

Going for a Full Splash on the Walls?

I think this bedroom has a classic feel with the use of the bolder tone.

(desire to inspire)

I love the antiqued, stucco yellow walls in this work room… the texture is amazing! And what a great idea for bookcases on the wall…
(recycled home)

This living room looks so cozy.  It think you could be trapped reading a book here for hours.  The soft creamy yellow walls make the space feel so warm and inviting…
(Vincent Wolf)

I love the mix of built-in modern elements paired with simple accessories such as glass bottles, artwork, and the sconce style that you may find in a cottage or farmhouse…

(Barry Dixon)

….or Maybe Accents through furniture and accessories is what you prefer?…

I love the playfulness and utter sophistication of this room.  The contrast of the dark black wood and vibrant yellow has a crispness to it that I love.

(coco cozy)

I love the old typist chair in this bright and sunny child’s workspace…I know I would love to do homework there!
(flea market style)

The white tone on tone paint palette is the perfect contrast with the soft lemony yellow.  The elements of the table cloth and color palette create such a whimsical romantic setting.

(dwellings and decor)

What a great modern spin using the rosettes as art in contrasting yellows…Love!

I adore the strong contrast of the vibrant yellow with the white and natural wood tones…

(Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

…You  Could try Painted Cabinets?…

A great painted island becomes a wonderful focal point in an unexpected situation…

(Country Living)

These are some beautiful and bright kitchens from homes in Ibiza as seen in The Way We live book I featured as a Friday Fave

I love the worn island with it’s years of use shining through…

(recycled home)

I love the whimsy this antique mail cabinet has… I hope to run into one of these someday!(Country Living)

…What about on an Interior Door for a Punch of Color ?….

What a great twist of modern on the classic barn door.  It creates such a wonderful focal point and the palette of white, gray and yellow is so pleasing to the eye.

(Casa Sugar)

…Or Outside for Some Welcoming Cheer?…

I think a yellow front door is so welcoming… this gray, black and yellow palette is so chic.
(Say la vie)

I love the Sunny yellow with the white painted brick… It has a timeless and modern feel.
(mandarin studio)

This door compliments it’s natural surroundings with ease…
(apologies, source unknown)

I feel so refreshed just looking at all these images! Do you have a favorite spot to use yellow?

Enjoy your week!