New construction complete…

I’m a little late in saying this, but happy new year!

Wow, has this year taken off like a horse out of the gate!! 2012 is already bringing wonderful things.  I am finishing up a few projects (lots of pics coming soon!!),  still in the midst of some, and starting a few new ones – all of which I am thrilled about.

Right before the holidays, we finished up a custom new construction project in downtown Atlanta.  It has a modern Frank Lloyd Wright feel with the clean lines and simplicity of the architecture.  The builder, JR McDowell homes, the homeowner, and I all became quite the design team working out many custom details, both inside and out, on site 😉 The homeowner was so much fun to work and I think the end result displays a home that captures all the design goals he set at the beginning of the project.

Many people may not realize that as an Interior Designer I also do a lot of Exterior work – paint color, material selection, trim details, etc.   On this house, we wanted to make sure all the material finishes flowed from one to the next and stayed true to the architectural style of the home.  My favorite detail we worked out was the railing on the rear porch.

The home flows effortlessly from the exterior to the interior, capturing many of the same qualities of simplicity and clean lines.

Kind of a great house right?? As I said, it was a great project to be a part of so hope you all enjoy!!

Enjoy your day!

Builder: JR McDowell Homes