Fireplaces with Wood Storage

First and for most, I realize that I have disappeared over the last few weeks, and I apologize! I had a wonderful trip to Charleston, a bout of not feeling well, and some mental shutdown downtime… But now I am back! My style files have been organized, and I am hoping to inspire with many new posts!

The weather has been quite dreary here in Atlanta, but all around the country it seems as if Winter has been in full force! All of the images of snow have inspired some new posts on fireplaces.

I love the idea of building some wood storage into your fireplace.  If you are building, what a great opportunity to include something like this into your design!  It it not only functional, but can be a great design element.

I love the wooden slab beam with exposed bolts on this sleek stucco fireplace from the home of Tim McNamara

I love this more traditional application as well.  It has a historic feel, but with a modern cleanness.
(Design by Birch Coffey)

The idea of having this stunning painted brick fireplace in my breakfast room makes me absolutely giddy! I could enjoy my morning coffee by the fire for hours!(Image from Beta Plus publishing)

This narrow application works perfectly in this design!
(apologies, source unknown)

Many older and historic homes have fireplaces the unfortunately are nonfunctional, however you can still accent them in unique ways.
(Apartment Therapy)

So what do you think? Love the idea, wish you could have it, totally not for you?
I would love to hear your thoughts…. Stay well and warm!