Water Front house stalking…

Hello long lost friends!

Once again things have been quite busy over here (yeah!) and it’s taken me a few days to have some time to get a post together.  So finally, here I am, evening iced coffee in hand, ready to share some pictures!

Memorial Day weekend was lovely – and I was back in Charleston!! I was fortunate enough to take a fantastic boat ride with some friends so I thought I would share some of the stunning homes that made the ride even more enjoyable!

I think one of the main things that stood out to me, and my favorite elements were all of the standing seam metal roofs.  There were a variety of colors as well as raw aluminum, and I loved every one of them!

I saved my favorite for last! Great color palette, love the board and batton, simple but elegant, and talk about the perfect backyard!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!
Enjoy your day!