It’s Complicated…

Good Morning!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Every time I walk into a new space, a feel like a sponge trying to absorb as much as I can.  My eyes quickly point down to look at the floor.  Head up checking out the lights.   It’s almost like a giddy electricity just shoots through me.  Sometimes the same goes for movies.  The plot’s great, cast outstanding, BUT the set…. Did you see the set?!? After staying up last night to suck in every moment of the Oscars, I started thinking about the last movie I saw whose Set design inspired me.  The first that came to mind was,  “It’s Complicated” by Nancy Meyers (and I must add Meryl Streep looked beautiful last night!, but I am glad Sandra Bullock won!).  The movie was wonderful, but I left and couldn’t stop thinking about this Santa Barbara home.

(All images above from Traditional Home)

(All exterior images from Remodelista)

There were just so many elements to this house that I enjoyed.  I think it is timeless, lived in, cozy, and just stunning overall.  Hope you enjoyed this home and the Oscars last night.  Do you have a favorite movie set?

Enjoy your day!