Full Frontal, Apron Style

Good Morning!! Well as promised, I have found a good variety of sinks for you to enjoy, drool over,  maybe decide they aren’t for you, or just maybe one will become part of your style files as a must have in your new kitchen! Now with a large variety of styles and materials these apron style sinks don’t just have to be categorized as farmhouse, but can compliment the most timeless kitchen, in a traditional setting; a sleek modern interior; a rustic farmhouse; or of course a quaint cottage.

One of the most important aspects of an apron front sink is the installation.   Many of the cast sinks  may not be perfect on both sides, and can very from the technical specs as much as 2%.  For an accurate cut and clean install, make sure to get your actual sink to cabinet maker.


Most fireclay sinks have a very clean look, come in a variety of colors and can work with any style home. Fireclay sinks are a ceramic based material with a baked on porcelain.  The coating creates a non-porous , easy to clean, generally glossy finish, which will not rust, discolor and withstand high heat.  Keep in mind that Fireclay sinks can be chipped if a heavy object (large pan for example) is dropped accidentally.

This is a great size sink from Rohl with an overall length of 36″ (Model RC3618).  Depending on where you purchase this sink can range from about $1200-$1400

This is a smaller version with a length of about 30″, from Waterworks (style #644988) that is truly timeless. The white single glazed lists for about $1300.

This is the Evenweave design on Kohler’s Alcott sink (model K-14572-T3).  I am generally not a huge fan of lots of decoration, but I think this pattern is subtle enough, and if paired with a simple cabinet, could be a stunning piece in any kitchen! The scale is smaller, only 25″ L and the sinks lists for about $1400.


To me, the apron style sinks that are wall-mounted with an integrated backsplash is truly a farmhouse style.  They have almost an industrial feel to them, but are simply classic at the same time.

This is the Gilford (model K-12700) from Kohler and as they describe it, “has a nostalgic appeal with modern functionality”… Love that!  Its about 30” wide and can range in list price depending on color from $1600-$2300.

If you have the space, this is an amazing sink with the integrated backsplash AND drainboard.  The overall length of the Clarion sink by storm plumbing (model PO812) is 60-1/2″ and lists for about $1300.  It is a great price and a huge impact!


Probably the most durable material for a sink because it will not rust, crack, chip,  or discolor which is what makes this such a popular choice.  It does however have the tendency to scratch, not treated fairly. Stainless Steel sinks are measured by the gauge of the metal (most sinks are manufactured between 16-20).  The smaller the number, the thicker the gauge.  The thicker the sink to more durable and it will also muffle the sound of the garbage disposal.

This is a great offset double bow, The Epicure from Houzer.  The price ranges from about $1400-1900

The Verity from Kohler (Model K-3086) is a simple, classic, single bowl stainless sink.  Its has a good average length of 33″ and lists for about $1250.


I love the look of the copper metal, and many sinks come with a hammered finish.  I personally prefer smoother face, but I think it is a personal preference.  Keep in mind that Copper sinks have a living finish and will continue to patina over time.    Bacteria cannot grow on copper so this is also a very healthy choice.

This is the Harmony from Elkay, and I love the added detail of the curved front.  It really creates a softness to the sink.  The length is nice at 33″ and lists for about $3300 (I did find it online at retailers, ranging from $1400+)

I think the lines of this Cast bronze farmhouse sink from Eleek, Inc are great.  It is simple and sophisticated.  (Remodelista)


Although beautiful, stone sinks (marble, granite and limestone), just like countertops need to be cared for to look at their best.  Marble is softer and more porous  than granite, so if it a lighter marble, it is possible that they could stain (think wine, strawberries, coffee….I know all great things!) A kitchen sink should be functional and this would be a case of beauty placed slightly before functionality!

These are two affordable stone sink options, Honed Carrara Marble ($1025) and Crema Marfil ($950), from Marble sink warehouse.

On the higher end, Kallista makes a stunning sink out of White Carrara or White Naxos.  This single bowl, For Town by Michael S. Smith, starts at $6700.  Hey a girl can dream right?


A very unique look and some varieties can be quite soft.  Soap Stone sinks and countertops are not for the faint of heart, but they are beautiful to look at.  It has the potential to scratch (some can be worked out with 300-400 grit sandpaper) and its color can change, getting deeper over time with use.   These sinks have also been known to potentially being difficult to clean, so it is definitely a love hate relationship. However, soap stone is consider a more organic product and does not require the chemical sealers that marble and granite does, the typical sealer is just a mineral oil.

Vermont Soapstone (found through Remodelista) offers a large variety of soap stone sinks, at a good price.  From Left to right: Windsor $1092, Wagner $992, and the Walker $1500

So, Do you have a favorite?? I know I will be dreaming of the Kallista sink tonight! Enjoy your Day!!