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Go ahead, Hang it up!

Happy Wednesday to you all!! We are once again flying through this week! The sun is back out in full force this morning. I am enjoying the morning light as it filters through the leaves and a fresh cup of hot coffee to ramp me up for the day! I have lots and lots going on which is wonderful – so today is going to be filled with productivity, I can feel it!

So what shall we be inspired by today??
I have been gathering some fantastic images of entry ways and Coat Rack details and thought is was time to share!

I love the idea of having a unique coat rack to collect bags and hats, dog leashes and coats, or just about whatever you need to drop off at the door. I think that some of these are a bit more casual and suited for a mudroom or side entrance, rather than a main entry way, but it just depends on how formal of a statement you want to make.  If it is your main entrance, you want to make a lasting first impression, so try to fill the space with organization and lots of style!

I adore this rack made from an old piece of driftwood!
(room remix)

This is a great example of how a coat rack can be used more as a decorative accessory – and I think it is beautiful! I love the reclaimed feel of the piece and the collected objects which adorns it.

Now I am sure this is functional, but something about this hat display by Myra Hoefer just makes me giddy! It almost becomes a work of art.
(House Beautiful)

Ken Fulk found this salvaged Fireman’s Rack and transformed into its use into a beautiful coat rack.  I think the pairing is lovely with the board and batten walls, and the zebra ottoman adds even more whimsy!
(House Beautiful)

This display of Woven hats and totes just evokes the feeling that a beach or garden is right around the corner.
(Country Living)

Although not an entry way, I have a soft spot for this pairing of woven hats and the antique mirror.
(pink wallpaper)

I think this is a brilliant use of an antique 50’s mirror.   It is such a chic way to make an impact in any entry, bedroom, or even as a towel rack in a bathroom.
(Livnig Etc)

This is wonderful idea for an old fireplace mantle.  The shelf provides the depth needed to hold storage baskets and the form of the mantle allows for the hooks to be hidden.
(Coastal Living)

How fun is this?! Reclaimed birch wood formed into a tree as an unexpected functional element.

I think the practicality of this image is beautiful.  I love the rustic warmth of the wood paired with the softness of the white wide plank paneling.
(tear it out)

This quirky array of random hooks creates a clever statement feature.

(Living Etc)

This is an image from Thomas O’Briens new book American Modern which is filled with some incredible photographs.  This is the original coat closet in a 1920’s home, which has been updated with a sense of modern charm.
(Thomas O’Brien)

I admire the simplicity and modern elegance in this picture.


As always I love to hear your thoughts – so let me know what you think!
Enjoy your day!