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Raising an Eyebrow

Good Morning Friends! How was your weekend? I had a great day at the local Inman Park festival and picked up some amazing stuff!! Great photography that I hope to share with you later!

I was fortunate to grow up in a house that my dad built.  It has expanded over the years, from its original simple salt box shape  with a few additions and modifications here and there.   One of my favorite elements of the house was the addition of the Eyebrow Window.   It adds a prominent but soft feature to the otherwise basic roof facade.

So, what exactly is an Eyebrow??
An eyebrow dormer is a low dormer that has no sides.  Meaning the roofing courses are carried over the dormer in a continuous wavy line.  They are generally seen on the upper story to allow space for a window or a vent.

(chest of books)

(this old house)

Most eyebrows windows can be both fixed or operable.  Historically the slope line was very low so you would primarily see a fixed window used but if operable a bottom-hinged, inward opening window would be used.  With the advances in architecture and products, you now will see a wide variety of operable windows, even french doors, as well as the standard fixed.

(tea2 architects)

(tea2 architects)

Eyebrow dormers were mostly seen in shingled roofs particularly in the Shingle style of architecture popular in the late 19th century in America.  Today the addition of the eyebrow dormer is not limited to shingle style homes, but they can be found on a variety of architectural styles.


(castle ltd)

(eyebrow construction)



(thomas woodman)

(marketing designs)

(self catering breaks)

I love the softness the eyebrow windows add.  They break up the sometimes harshness of an expansive roof line.  They are used as a secondary architectural feature, but I think they steal the show!

(catalano architects)

(catalano architects)

(luxury home magazine)

(elle decor)

This is a great example of an eyebrow style eave over that is carried over a door entry.   The continuous wavy line adds a sense of whimsy which makes this porch quite inviting!

(design new jersey)

Well, what do you think? Is this an eye catching element that you would want on your home?
I know they catch my attention!

Enjoy your day!