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Friday Fave: Idea Paint

Can’t believe it’s Friday already!! The past 7 days have been quite the whirlwind… I have been extremely busy and have driven 1650 miles!! That is lots of miles, lots of coffee, lots of singing loudly to myself (yes, I’m that girl), and luckily lots of sunny days.  I am back in Atlanta and don’t have any plans on leaving… at least for a few weeks!

I am slightly obsessed with Chalkboards, and I think Chalkboard paint is absolutely fantastic.  There really isn’t anything that I wouldn’t paint with it!! This weeks feature is NOT chalkboard paint but something just as exciting.

Let me share with you Idea Paint…the single coat washable marker (dry erase) board paint!!
Idea Paint is a two-part coating that is mixed right before application. It works like any standard roller-applied paint. It requires just one coat of paint and comes with the roller you need. When you’re finished, give Idea Paint seven days to cure before using.

Just like Chalkboard paint, the possibilities are endless!! It is a Water Based paint that is available in 10 colors, and kits come in 25sf or 50 sf depending on what you would like to achieve.  A Lil’ Bit kit is available in white and covers 3 sf for small projects.  I think this would be great in a playroom, home office, kitchen, pantry doors.   Another fun idea is that this product is approved for tabletops! How fun for a work table at home in a playroom or school desk?! I know I can’t wait to find a project where I can incorporate this!

And off to some other important business! One of my daily reads is the blog Splendid Willow.  Monica is a self professed design junkie, that has a edgy classic style with a Swedish Twist.   I was privelaged to be included in her Beautiful Blog Award list!  Check out her full list here.  I am honored to be among such a charming and inspiring groups of other bloggers!

I be back tomorrow with a weekend list of things you may not know about me to fulfill my beautiful blogger duties!
See you tomorrow! Enjoy your day!