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The Writing’s on the wall

Hello Friends! Spring is in the air and I have been super busy! I am loving the sunshine, iced coffee, and lots of fun projects!

I have always been a sucker for good quotes, cool typography, and lettered images and in the right spot, I think it is a fun addition as good artwork! Lettered works are not just for kids rooms (decals over the bed and such…) anymore, but I think now there are some unique “grown-up” versions.  Here’s some fun finds for you:

Love the Antiqued looking flash card art with reclaimed wood frames!

Inspired by Typewriter keys I think this is a great set! Each square is 8.5″D so when all 26 letters are together it is quite the statement! (You also receive an additional 26 letters based on popularity if you feel like spelling something out)

I think this is a sweet piece of art and it can be a great gift! The post card art from Yahgie can be customize to show Recipient Name, Your Name, and Recipient Address.

Wonderful print from Keep Calm Gallery.  The image comes unframed but I think for this piece the simple black frame works great!

When I move to a new home and redo my office, I can gurantee that this is going up on my wall! It is a decal and is available in several colors from Harmonie Intérieure.

This reclaimed slatted sign is made by a local Atlanta company called SugarBoo Designs.  I have a few favorites shown in this post because I love there work!

Another fun addition for a mudroom, kids room, entry hall, etc from Keep Calm Gallery.

You can’t go wrong with Live, Laugh, Love and I think this print or canvas (available in pretty much any size you want) has a little modern spin!

This is a charming piece from SugarBoo Designs. I can see it in a farmhouse. A beach house. A mountain retreat.  So yes, I think you can put it pretty much anywhere!!

I had to feature this because I use this statement all the time! I picked up a red on at a local antique market, but then I found this on in blue from Keep Calm Gallery.!! I may have to trade mine in!!

One more of my fav’s from SugarBoo Designs.  These lyrics make me think of my mom, and I love the tune! I’ll probably be humming it all day in the car…

I love this image from Jane/Feb 2010 issue of Veranda.  The simplicity is beautiful!!

Do you have a favorite quote that you like to use?

Enjoy your day!

PS.. If you need any more information on the flash card art, alphabet typewriter keys, or any of the sugarboo pieces, feel free to shot me an email.