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Rope Handrails…

Good Morning! You know I haven’t been feeling 100% because I haven’t had a cup of coffee in almost a week!! Tragic (definitely a record) I know, but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things over here…Watered my poor plants yesterday that were scorched (we’ll see who comes back to life),  actually did some laundry (no one likes a designer in dirty clothes), and managed to go the farmers market and stock the fridge! And now this morning a new post…finally!

As I have said before I love Staircases… they may be one of my favorite elements in a house.  I have been discussing with a client the possibility of using a rope handrail down to the finished basement which will have a coastal feel.  What a better way than to gather some great inspiration images!

(City Sage)


(bannister ropes)

(house beautiful)
(style files.. sorry source unknown)
(rope makers)
(webshots travel)
(style files.. sorry source unknown)

So what do you think?? Charming? to whimsical? You love it?
I think I love, in the right spot of course!

Enjoy your day!