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Wood Burning Stoves… Feel the heat!

To me there is something nostalgic about walking into a home that is heated by a wood stove, you just can’t beat it! Not only are they a great design feature but have ample benefits such as cost effective heating (and if the power goes out, you are guaranteed to stay warm!).  I think that wood burning stoves are a timeless feature that can work beautifully in any interior.  Here are a few images to inspire warm thoughts!

Here is a great image from Coastal Style, showing how a wood-burning stove can really be the centerpiece to a room (even in a unique space like this – The living room was created from an old railway carriage!)

In this Scandinavian Interior, a modern cook top is fashionably place next to an antique wood stove.  This is a great shot showing a smaller scale fireplace in the heart of the kitchen; functional and tasteful!
(Living with Light by Gail Abbott)

I love this modern stove designed by Singapore Architect Albano Daminato, which to me has an antique feel but shows itself off with very clean lines.

I think this is a great looking wood stove from Firebelly that you can purchase in a variety of finishes.  The optional log box (as shown) is a great addition as well!

Another great modern option is the Shaker from Wittus-Fire

I know when I build a home, you can guarantee that a wood burning stove will be carefully fit into the design! Stay well and warm…