Happenings and Happy Wishes….

Well, believe it or not, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I feel like I have been on a whirl wind tour the past few weeks with lots of fun things happening (which means I have been running nonstop) and I am very ready for a few days off 🙂  So rather than leave you with some inspirations to ponder, I thought I would share some snippets of the past weeks!

Scott’s Market
I try to head over to Scott’s Antique Market every month.  It can be hit or miss, and when you start to shop a lot, you become familiar with vendors and what months are the best.  November is one of them! Here’s some great things I saw:

Great headboard made out of an old Mantle.  It was tufted with a sage linen.  Great piece!

I know I would LOVE this open metal conservatory in my back yard!

This could be a perfect desk or potting station.  I also loved the large vintage picture light mounted on the top….

This chair came in a set, but were already sold when I got there (tear…)  Sewn burlap with a simple wrought iron frame…

Vintage mixologist chart in the blueprint style….

This is actually a newly constructed table, but I love the mix of wood and iron.  The rusty vintage farm windmill is great too… I would love it in a foyer.
These are going to make some AMAZING pendant lights…..

Custom Residential Home

I have a home that I have been working on for awhile and we are almost finished!! There are SO many great things to share with you, but I am waiting until it’s complete for the full reveal! I picked up this 9′ vintage church pew at Kudzu antiques on my weekly visit.  I delivered it to my local cabinet shop because we are modifying a bit, but once it is installed in the breakfast room it’s going to be perfect!! If you were wondering, the pillows and mannequin were not purchased 🙂

It’s not totally finished but this is a custom top for the dining room.  It is 72″ round made of antique white oak with a bleached finish.  Yummy
This is a custom arrangement I made for their centerpiece…

Neighborhood Construction
I love love love to see house being built! It really makes me happy, especially when they are well built and well designed.  I am lucky enough to be involved with Vickery Village as they begin construction again.  There are already several homes sold and this is a custom presale that is under way!
Commercial Revamp
Llana and I have been working on a store remodel and this week it really started to come together! We were hoping to have everything complete by Thanksgiving, but unfortunately that didn’t happen so you will have to wait a little longer to see the amazing before and afters! We were fortunate enough to find some great custom vintage pieces that were incorporated into the design as well as lots of reclaimed barn wood, pipes, etc….

This industrial table will be used for clothing display…
This light fixture is going to be a real focal point in the store.  We have a few things to do to it, but it’s going to be spectacular!
This vintage cart from a manufacturing plant is perfect to display running shoes!
The new cash wrap just arrived!
Llana and I had a fun filled afternoon at Home Depot in the plumbing section.  We don’t look like plumbers, but we sure picked up a lot of pipes!! The MINI was loaded down and the end result is awesome!
Llana on one of the install days! LOTS of frames to hang…
Good thing my dad taught me how to use a hammer!
After lots of trips up and down the ladders, we got them ALL up!
This is a massive built-in cabinet (16′ to be exact) that was custom made for us by Keystone Millworks. It turned out great!  You can see the base was installed in the above shot and then the top was delivered this morning.  We installed chicken wire in the upper sections and need to add a few more pieces of hardware and then merchandise with the stores inventory and we are good! Hopefully I will have some final images of the store to share in the next few weeks!
I hope you enjoyed just a bit of what we have going on here at L Kae!

I am off to Cape Cod again to spend the holiday with my amazing family! I hope you all have a blessed holiday, safe travels, and of curse some tasty treats!
See you next week!